If you do not have a website yet, sign up for a Simple DIY Website AND the app; we do BUNDLES!

Click HERE to go to Simple DIY Websites to sign up for a website, or call us at 816-689-0892 today!

There is a small set up fee of $149.95 for your app (which is actually 2 because you get apps that work on android phones and Iphones!).

Our monthly fee - this is for the hosting of your app and the notifications service is only 5.00 a month (paid 3 months at a time!)

Simple DIY Website clients receive a 10% discount off the set up fee making set up $134.95 and monthly fee is $5.00 paid 3 months at a time.  Fill out the form below and we will give you a call!
*you do not have to have a Simple DIY website to have a Simple DIY App!
Simple DIY APPS is very affordable advertising for your website!  Your customers will be able to get right on your site and start buying!  You can use your app to send notices of sales, specials, events and more to your customers who have downloaded the app!  And it is FREE for your customers to download your app (we even supply the QR Code for them to scan!).  Just fill out the form below to get started!