Simple DIY Websites PROUDLY announces Apps for your website with Simple DIY Apps*!

Apps!  You hear about them, see them and use them all the time on your phone and tablet!

Why should your business have one?  Many reasons!  Here's just a few:

1.  Customers are just a click away from being on your website and buying your products.

2.  The information you’d like to show your customers - like specials, sales and events - is right there for them. And becasue you can use "push notifications" (these are like emails directly to people that have your app), you can easily let your customers know about the specials, sales and events!

3.  The more people who use your app and as others see your app, the more recognizable you are and the faster you will be recognized and remembered.

4.  Get a jump on your competition!  Mobile apps for small business are fast becoming the norm, but aren't everywhere yet!  Be the first to offer an app to your customers and show them you are always trying to give them the best customer service you can!
Ready to get started?  Great!  It's as easy as 1-2-3!

Please click here!
*you do not have to have a Simple DIY website to have a Simple DIY App!
Simple DIY Apps